04-15-18 The Curious Case of the Molly’s Memory…

We got to the new house after dark on Friday night. We brought Molly inside and took her to the room that will serve as her home for at least the first week or two she is there. It is common practice to let a cat get used to new surroundings by degrees, so we decided to put her in what will eventually be C’s room because there is not furniture in there yet.

She was very timid at first, spending most of her time in the bathtub, and hissing at the kids if they got too close. However, after the kids had gone to bed, I sat in the room with her and she started to warm up to her environment. She rubbed against me and purred, I talked quietly to her, and let her do things on her terms. I even opened a window so she could get some fresh air. She sat on the window ledge for awhile and during that time Tim came home.

That’s when the strangest thing happened. As Tim climbed the stairs, Molly shot up and ran to the door, her tail held high. As he got to the top hallway she started pacing in front of the door and meowing. He went into our room, and as his footsteps receded, Molly just stared at the door.

Guys, Molly hasn’t seen Tim in about 6 months. When we lived in the townhouse, he was without a doubt her favorite human, but I was completely shocked that she recognized him by the sound of him walking up the stairs.

After awhile, Tim came walking quietly up to the door. By now she was across the room. He paused and whistled a short tune he had always used around her in the past. Again, she shot across the room, tail on end, ready to greet her favorite guy. When he opened the door, she wasted no time in weaving between his legs, and rubbing against him for cuddles. I headed to bed, but the two of them hung out for some time, and Tim told me later that she had crawled into her lap.

I had been worried about her transition, but it seems to me it is going well!



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