04-28-18 My birthday with a tarantula

Today was my birthday and I held a tarantula.

We went into my office this morning to attend (and work) the large annual celebration that is held at the university I work at. The kids look forward to this day all year long, and since it always lands on the last weekend in April, it always lands on my birthday weekend. So, for the past 9 years, (except last year when I had a stomach bug) we have attended. It’s really a fabulous event with hundreds of activities. It serves as an opportunity to open up the campus to the public to let everyone see some of the great things we do on campus.

This year I was given a GoPro to take with us on our day, so we explored all the things we thought would look best on camera. We went to the wind tunnel, visited the campus farm, went to the insect petting zoo (where I held a tarantula… in my hands! Gah!!) And we rounded out the day with a dip in the fountain (the kids, not Tim and I.) I hope I got some fun footage of our day.

The kids absolutely loved it, especially the cotton candy and ‘swimming.’ They were tired and exhausted when we left, but I haven’t seen them have that much fun in a long time. To make it even better, we did it as a family!!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!! It was wonderful. 🙂






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