05-02-18 Ice Cream Party!

IMG_20180502_211604_418The kids’ daycare had an ice cream party at a local ice cream shop this evening. We were all pretty excited to find out that all of their ice cream is lactose free, and that a lot of them were also vegan. We don’t get to eat much in the ice cream department, but tonight we gobbled up our dessert!

This afternoon I had a dentist appointment. I had a crown that wasn’t put in place correctly years ago and it needed to be replaced. Even with the novocaine, my mouth was pretty sore when I left the office. I’ve never been a fan of getting dental work done, but I’m trying to get it all done in the next few months. The best part about visiting my dentist is that they have tvs on the ceiling and you get to choose the program you want to watch while they are working in your mouth, so I got to enjoy an episode of Psych this afternoon during my torture session.


My daughter made this cute dinosaur in art class. I liked him so much I brought him to work to be my editing buddy!


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