05-05-18 The Windmill Planters

Earlier this week I had a really rough morning. In fact, I actually cried after I dropped the kids off because it was that awful. The past few months have been hard with Tim being away so much, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so I find comfort in that.

In my frustration on that particular day, I got to work feeling completely defeated and upset. I knew we would be at the new house this weekend and my brain started running through ideas that would give me a little downtime. Let’s be honest, I’m ‘on’ from 5:30 in the morning until they go to bed around 8pm. I get to a point where I just need to be alone… or if not alone, at least not being constantly tugged at every 3 seconds. I remembered that Home Depot does children’s events, so I navigated to the site and saw they were doing one this weekend. I immediately signed Tim and the two older kids up, hoping that 1- Tim wouldn’t mind, and 2- the kids would actually enjoy it. That would leave me with Baby E, but I felt I’d be up for that.

Fast forward to this morning when Tim followed through with my plan. He wasn’t upset I had arranged him without asking, and they all seemed happy to get some time together. Today’s event at Home Depot was making windmill planters. Apparently the big kids absolutely loved their time with Daddy. They got to use hammers and screw drivers, and they assembled the cutest little planters, complete with some soil and bean seeds. They got an apron, a pin, and a certificate for completing their project. Point Blur_May052018_214213image000000_01image000000Point Blur_May052018_214147IMG_20180505_095342

While the big kids were off having fun building, Baby E and I joined my sister and mom at the neighborhood library. They were having their annual book sale, which is a great chance to stock up on some books for the kids. I found a treasure trove of Boxcar Children books which will keep the kids entertained for a long time.

After that it was home and lunch, and then off for a date to see Avengers- Infinity Wars. (just us, not the kids.) I thought the movie was great and probably ranks as one of my favorite Marvel films.

We had a pretty busy day, but I do feel like I got the downtime that I needed. 🙂

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