05-11-18 Bullies

“Mommy, I had a really bad day at school,” Big E told me when he came home the other day.

“What happened?”

“(Kid’s name) keeps calling me ‘Baby Girl.'”

This wasn’t the first time Big E had mentioned this kid and being called Baby Girl, but I had told him to ignore it.

“And he kept hurting me all day.” He whimpered.

“What?? What happened?”

“He kept pulling back my fingers and twisting my arm.”

I emailed his teacher and she told me she moved Big E so that he no longer has to sit with the boy.

Guys, I can’t stand bullies, and my kids have gotten the brunt of a few of them this year.

C comes home every day with a new story about one particular girl in her class that is her friend one day and then not the next. And when the girl decides not to be C’s friend, she is downright nasty to C. C has been talking about it for months, and while I am a firm believer in making friends and including everyone, I have told her to stay away from this one girl.

We are about a month away from the end of school and I cannot wait. The school has been very responsive to all of my concerns, but honestly, it’s just getting old.

On a happy note, though, Tim and Baby E met us at the beach this evening, and the kids enjoyed some nice outdoor time. The tide was low, so the sandbar stretched for forever. It was fun to watch them play and splash. Man am I glad the warm weather is here to stay!


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