06-24-18 Five Days

Tomorrow starts my last week of work. I’ve been emptying my desk, clearing off my computer, and taking stuff off the walls. They have started interviewing for my replacement. It’s a strange sensation to watch it all happen. I’ve been struggling the past few days between sadness and excitement.

Tim and the kids came home last night and the kids were in bed by the time I got back from my dinner. Tim brought Baby E into our bed so that he could spend the rest of the night with us. He fussed for a moment and then opened his eyes. He smiled his sweet little smile, and said “Mommy!!” and fell back to sleep. While I didn’t get much sleep last night, I loved the feeling of him in bed with me, knowing my kids were home!

After church this morning we made it to the park for a little while and then for a trip to Rita’s. Tim had to go out to the new house so I told Baby E he could sleep with me again. After much tossing and turning, he finally fell asleep. 🙂

Tomorrow the kids start vacation bible school for the week and they are very excited. I’m looking forward to hearing about their adventures every evening!

FIVE MORE DAYS- we got this!!






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