07-14-18 Two Weeks…

Today marks two weeks since our move. We still don’t have most of our stuff at the new house, but I feel like we are settling in very well. It’s been two full weeks of being with my family. To put it into perspective, the longest I have been with my kids was the twelve weeks after I had Baby E and during that time I was recovering from a c-section and we were moving into the townhouse. This is nothing like that. There is no schedule. I get to the end of each day completely, physically exhausted, but not stressed. Each day brings more joy and wonder as I get the chance to watch my kids, to be there, to experience them day in and day out. I thought this transition would be harder than it has been. I thought I would miss my old home more. I thought I would regret leaving my job. I thought I would have to adjust, but it all feels so completely natural that there is no doubt this is where we should be.

During the two weeks we have been here, we have gone on 9 ‘adventures’ (things that include parks, trails, and splash pads.) We’ve had at least 4 cousin visits, 1 play date, several days working at the shop, and I’ve taken up running on a treadmill. We have definitely been filling up our time.

This morning we decided to cross another park off of our list. For this particular park, we had to follow a paved trail through a working golf course all the way to the river’s edge. The sun was hot today, and the long walk across the golf course wore us out, but we were pleasantly surprised when we got to our destination. We were on the bank of a large river. There were rocks to climb on, animal tracks to examine, birds to watch, and frogs to look for. This was one of the more breathtaking parks we have been to, and while it wore us out, we vowed to return on a beautiful cloudy day!



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