07-24-18 The Dirts

Baby E has a favorite toy and that toy is a broom. He calls his broom ‘Dirts’ and he wants to take it everywhere with him. He begged to take it to a playdate this morning, but I talked him out of it. After all, it isn’t not good form to bring a used broom into someone else’s house.

Most of the time the broom is Dirts, but sometimes it is Moana and other times it is Joanna. (Yes, he names his broom after me.) This afternoon he was on the couch with Dirts. I don’t typically condone Dirts being anywhere but the floor so I asked him what he was doing and he said that he was Tim and that Dirts was Joanna and they were cuddling. A little while later I found him asleep there, still cuddling Joanna Dirts.


While we were sitting on the front porch this evening I asked the kids a few questions. Here are their responses…

  1. If you could open a store, what would you sell?
    1. Big E- Toys!
    2. C- Candy!
    3. Baby E- Swiss Cake Rolls!
  2. What character makes you laugh the most?
    1. Big E- Tow Mater
    2. Baby E- Tow Mater
    3. C-Hei Hei
  3. What animal would make a great driver?
    1. Big E- A squirrel because it has hands and feet.
    2. C- I think maybe a dog because I usually see dogs up front in the windows.
    3. Baby E- A dog because it has four legs or a mouse because it has two legs.
  4. What would be the funniest animal to see driving?
    1. C- A male moose because the men moose have the horns and they’d be sticking up out of the car.
    2. Big E- A wasp because they are so tiny!
  5. What sounds do you like?
    1. C- The sounds of people laughing and the sound of people making friends.
    2. Big E- Peace and quiet because I can calm down when I’m really wild.
  6. What was your worst dream?
    1. Big E- I had a dream we were at the bank and a tiger was following us. We ran up to our pirate ship. It was a land pirate ship. It had wheels and an engine. But before I even got on the boat the tiger bit off my leg!! Oh and I had one where we were waiting at the bus stop and there was this man running towards us and he took Baby E forever.
    2. C- One night we were going downstairs. Someone had broken into our house and as we were going downstairs they killed you and daddy and we were left living all alone. (That one made me so sad!!!)
  7. What are you thankful for?
    1. C- When you give me something that we don’t deserve.
    2. Big E- That I have a mom.
  8. How do you show people that you care?
    1. Big E- Hugging them.
    2. C- I make sure they are ok if they get hurt.
  9. What makes you feel brave?
    1. C- When you and daddy are with me when I’m scared in the dark.
    2. Big E- Brave? Nothing.
  10. What does it feel like when I hug you?
    1. I feel like I already know you really love me, bu it makes me in my mind picture myself happy crying.
    2. Big E- I feel happy.

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