07-26-18 Pick A Direction

Days at the shop can be long and boring for the kids. I remember they often were for me growing up. I let the kids play on iPads and we try to do some school stuff. If there is downtime, I like to take them on a walk. But I think it should be more than a walk… it should be an adventure. So we walk out the door and I let the kids point in the direction they want to go and we start to explore. The shop is in a relatively industrial area, there are no houses around, only businesses. We weave our way around different buildings and look for areas we have never seen before. We walk until we are too tired to walk any further and we make our way back to the shop. This afternoon we walked about a mile and a half. We found the bike trail that would actually take us home if we followed it long enough. We came across a brewery (note, it was the only place my kids complained about the smell), we found a doggy daycare (where Big E narrowly escaped stepping in a large pile of yuck) and we found a path through some trees where C got close to a squirrel and Baby E discovered more feathers.

I’m trying to break up the days that we are at the shop with something interesting. This morning I took them to the park near the shop. It’s Baby E’s favorite park because it has the motorcycle. This evening we dropped by the splash pad on the way home.



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