08-07-18 Flowers and Fungi

This morning we met up with friends from church at a local pick your own flower place. It was such unique idea. They provided large cups, water, and clippers and you got the chance to wander down the rows of beautiful flowers and pick what you wanted. You paid for the size cup you filled. Big E did most of the choosing of the flowers while C got to handle the clippers. Baby E informed us of every bug he saw.

Afterwards we sat and had a snack and devotion and the kids played tag. They really enjoyed their time there and Baby E has even made a new friend (which is no small task for him!!)


I’m pretty sure I have mentioned before but Baby E is obsessed with mushrooms. We can’t take a walk without him stopping, pointing, and squealing “FUNGI!!!” at every mushroom he sees. This afternoon I dropped by the library and picked up a 400+ page book all about the mushrooms of North America. With over 1000 pictures of fungi I knew he would be thrilled. So this evening while my mom was reading Curious George to the big kids, Baby E and I curled up on the couch with our mushroom book, flipping through it, pointing at all the pictures, and trying to pronounce all of their scientific names. Just a normal evening with a three year old right?!?


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