08-10-18 Officially Homeschoolers!!

Big news in our house this evening. The kids are officially ‘registered’ for homeschooling this year. It was a very simple process of filling out a form and providing information about the subjects they will be studying. The kids and I dropped our notice of intent off this morning and the superintendents office.

Such an auspicious day deserved a celebration! Knowing how much they enjoyed swimming on our vacation, I decided to take them to the pool for the day. When we bought our house we got a complimentary pass to a nearby pool for the season, but today was our first time actually going.

The place was perfect. They had two pools- one for the little kids and then of course, the regular one. The kids spread their time equally between the pools. We got there around 2pm and left at 6, more because we were hungry than the kids were actually finished swimming. Since the pool will be closing in a few weeks we will be trying to make multiple trips over there in the weeks to come!



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