08-23-18 It’s ok to be sad…


New chore- pulling weeds

The kids in our neighborhood went back to school today, and I informed the kids that we are starting homeschooling on Monday. To be honest, I’m beginning to get the first day of school jitters. It’s amazing to me that we are finally at this point, the situation we prayed for- for me to be home and for the kids to be homeschooled.

This morning we had a playdate with another homeschooling family and the kids had a really great time. I have enjoyed seeing them make friends and find their place here. Even Baby E finally warmed up to them, and by the time we were ready to leave, he was begging to stay. I love how resilient children are and how quickly they can make friends.

Overall the children seem very happy here. There are moments when they say they miss their friends, or they miss their school- and I tell them that I miss my friends too and that moving is hard and it’s okay to be sad sometimes. But then they turn around and talk about all the things they love about being here and that they get to see us more and be with us more, and before you know it they are smiling again. 🙂

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