08-31-18 The First Week!!

It is a strange sensation to see everyone’s back to school pictures, and know that our kids aren’t among them. We have successfully completed our first week of homeschooling. The curriculum that we use actually works on a four day schedule, leaving the fifth day open for catch up or outdoor exploring. We took our day off yesterday, so we finished up today.

We got a late start today and ended up doing our schooling this afternoon. I love the flexibility that we have. Today they learned about earthworms, worked on their handwriting, did some math, art, learned about Vikings, read a story about pilgrims, and they did their first science experiment.

It was the first day we had Baby E in our classroom, so that was a bit challenging but I’m hoping we get into a rhythm with him there soon.

The kids enjoyed their science experiment the most. We filled two glasses half full with water. In one of them we added ten heaping teaspoons of salt and stirred it well. Then we placed eggs in each cup and recorded the results. I loved watching the kids’ eyes light up when one egg sank and the other floated.

After school we went to the pool and hung out until it closed. Tim joined us there and it was a very happy evening of playing way too many rounds of Marco Polo.

All in all I call it a very successful week and I can’t wait to see what next week brings!

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