09-06-18 Prayers from a Hospital Room



It was mid morning and I was taking the kids to my in-laws to drop them off for a few days. “Everything looks just a little bit different,” C said as we drove down the hill into the town we used to live in. I thought the same thing, but for entirely different reasons.

While I haven’t said much here, the past week has been very difficult for our family. I’m ready to share some information at this point, because we could desperately use your prayers.

This past weekend my father was diagnosed with cancer.

We’ve run a gambit of emotions since getting the news. Information has been slow to come by. There have been a whirlwind of doctors, tests, and medications and we still have a great many questions. The doctors are trying to formulate a plan that may or may not involve complicated back surgery. He’s had a CT scan and an MRI, but tomorrow they will be doing a bone scan. They need to see if the cancer is widespread or localized so they can finalize their treatment plans based on that information.

Will you please pray that it is localized? 

There are a lot of unknowns in my dad’s case and that makes us nervous, but I am confident there are no unknowns to our Father above. We serve a sovereign God that walks life’s journey beside us when we allow Him to. So while this past week has been a punch in the gut to all of us, we are incredibly grateful for the gift of Christ in our lives, we are grateful for my father, and every moment we get to spend with him.

Again, please pray for positive results from the scan tomorrow, for wisdom for the doctors and peace for our family. Thank you so much, dear friends.




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