09-10-18 We don’t know.


Our classroom is in the same disarray it was in when we left Wednesday afternoon to go visit my father in the first hospital he was at. The kids notebooks are piled up against the wall. The table is covered in library books, pencil boxes, and scissors. My laundry has stacked up in uneven piles around our bedroom. I’m pretty sure there is rotting chicken in the fridge. None of that seems important right now.

My dad’s surgery got postponed after the anesthesiologist looked at my father’s EKG and saw an abnormality. He wants a cardiologist to check him out.  After two hours of sitting in the pre-op room they wheeled my dad back to his room to wait some more.

We don’t know when the cardiologist will see him. We don’t know if he will be cleared for surgery. If he is cleared we don’t know when the surgery will happen. If he isn’t cleared we don’t know what our options are.

We don’t know.

And that’s hard.

I’ve spent so much time this past week sitting next to his bedside and holding his hand, telling him jokes, and doing anything in my power to make him smile. His smile brings me joy and his laughter is a healing balm. I treasure these moments.

We live in an incredible age of amazing technology, advanced medical knowledge, and unbelievably skilled doctors, but in the end our hope is not in them. Our hope is in Christ, the author and perfecter of our faith. So once again I come to you and ask you for your prayers- prayers that my father gets cleared for surgery, prayers that we hit no more stumbling blocks, and most importantly that God’s will be done every step of the way. Thank you again, dear friends.


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