09-14-18 A Day with Dad

One of the biggest goals of being in the hospital is to be an unremarkable case. The less the nurses need to check on you, the better. At least that is what 24 hours on the Trauma ICU unit has taught me. After my dad’s surgery they had run out of regular ICU rooms to put him in, so they sent him to the Trauma unit to have them keep an eye on him throughout the night. When we first arrived there, I was relieved to see that most of the rooms were empty, but without looking in the full rooms, I knew there were some bad cases. I made a simple rule… Look at the floor until I got to my dad’s room.

My dad did really well today and within hours of me being there they had him up and walking. I was proud at how hard he was working and we were all impressed with his determination and the amount he got accomplished. He wasn’t even there 12 hours when they started to discuss transferring him to a regular floor.

This evening he got moved out of the ICU. The emergency concerns for my dad were taken care of with the surgery. He will spend the next few weeks recovering before we continue with anything else. He is looking forward to getting home in a few days and I am especially looking forward to seeing my kids tomorrow. This has been a VERY long couple of weeks.

Thank you so much for your prayers! We have seen God move mountains in the past two weeks and we are incredibly grateful!


Progress has been made! Any guesses?

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