09-16-18 Home


I got a text from my mother as I walked into church this morning that the hospital informed them they were discharging my dad. What a happy day!

The past few weeks have been difficult with all the waiting, the uncertainty, and the tension. When Dad made it through his surgery so well, we all let out a collected sigh of relief. Now the healing can begin. With him home, his job is to rest when he needs to and walk whenever he can.

With the kids back in town, we will be picking up with school in the morning. I’m really excited to get back into a routine that doesn’t involve an hour commute to a hospital. We could all use a little more structure.

When I look past at the last few weeks, I am incredibly grateful for so many things. My dad was in a great hospital close enough for us to visit daily, he was seen by some wonderful doctors, and the nursing staff was phenomenal. My in-laws were able to keep our children for ten days so that we could focus our attention on where it needed to be at that moment. We had an army of people praying for my dad, and so many people reached out to us to make sure we were ok. We had family come from out of state to visit and spend some time at the hospital and we have an incredible church family that stood by us and encouraged us along the way. Most of all I am thankful for our Father in Heaven who walked these few weeks alongside us, who gave us strength and peace when we needed it most.


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