09-20-18 Long lost cousins

The last time I saw my cousin from California was shortly after she got married in 1992. Yup, it’s been over twenty-five years! Yesterday evening, her and her husband were able to drop by and spend some time with us and then we met up for lunch again today. It was so wonderful to see them and the perfect distraction! We’ve kept up on facebook over the years, but it was nice to be sitting together and catching up with each other in person!

My dad showed some improvement today and we are hoping tomorrow goes even better. Thank you again for all of your prayers!

Tim and I are battling nasty colds, which means I don’t feel comfortable going to the hospital to visit my dad, he’s got enough on his plate that he doesn’t need the sniffles too! But I am longing to see him, so I’m praying we heal up soon so we can pay him a visit!


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