10-18-18 Visitors


We had visitors today- friends I’ve only seen once in the past twenty years. They are living about two hours away and decided to come down for a visit. It’s funny how time passes, and yet when you meet up with old friends, it is like nothing ever changed. We all enjoyed their visit, and their company was an extra blessing for my father.

My dad is settling in well to being at home. He is doing quite a bit of walking and exercising as he is trying to regain his strength. He is happy to be home and eager to be all the way better. Tomorrow we are taking him to his follow up appointment with his spinal surgeon to make sure that everything is healing well. Please pray that everything looks good and he can soon stop wearing the brace.

With dad home, time has started to slow down again and we are beginning to find our groove. Homeschooling is getting easier now, and the kids are adjusting to be home most of the time. The constant adrenaline we were living on has started to subside, leaving us tired and relieved. We are grateful for the lessons we have learned in the past few months, happy for the progress my dad is making, and thankful for the many people that have reached out to us during this time. Thank you, sweet friends.

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