10-21-18 Another Hospital Day


I feel like I know the bowels of every hospital within a 50 mile radius. I don’t, but it sure feels like it. Hospitals used to intimidate me, but they don’t anymore. I guess two months of hospital visits will do that, huh?!

Dad did very well today. They did a surgery to help with the kidney stone, but he will stay in the hospital one more night to get some IV antibiotics. Our biggest prayer right now is that he can come home tomorrow and that he hasn’t lost too much of his progress. I know this situation has been disheartening to him, but he has handled it well.

Tomorrow is a new day and a wonderful chance to watch God’s plan unfold. When we moved here we didn’t imagine this would be our story, but it is and there is a reason for it. Thank you again for your prayers, sweet friends.

To Christ be all glory.


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