10-24-18 The Day We Made Butter

Yes, you read that right. Today we made our own butter. We have been studying American History and our lesson today was to make butter. The idea was that there weren’t stores available back then, so settlers had to do many things on their own. So we gave it a try. I was kind of skeptical that this would actually work. We poured some heavy whipping cream into a jar and shook it for 15 minutes and voila, we had butter. We added a little salt for flavoring and tried it on some toast. It was delicious! So much so, that we might be making our butter at home from now on. 🙂



We were invited to visit a harvest festival with our ‘neighbor’ cousins this evening. The kids have been such troopers the past two months, and haven’t had very much outside interaction, the I was thankful for the opportunity. The kids had a lot of fun. They played games, ate cupcakes, and went Trunk or Treating. I was especially surprised at Baby E who took to the evening so well. I expected him to be clinging to me the whole night, but he really didn’t. That’s a huge step for him. At one point he saw two women dressed like Anna and Elsa and asked me to meet them. He looked love struck! He just stared in admiration. “I love those ladies!” he said as we walked away.


Princess Elena


Captain America


Moana Robin Hood





Thank you for your continued prayers for our family. Dad came home this afternoon and is settling in well. Please pray for many uneventful days ahead. Thank you!

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