11-03-18 An Incredibly Good Day!

The last nine weeks have been… challenging. The last six have been especially so. I never knew that time could pass so quickly and so painfully slow at the same time. We have shuffled from one crisis to the next, fighting new battles each and every day. We have seen God do mighty things in our small family by answering the prayers we (and so many others) have offered up and the ones we did not even know to ask.

Today, a huge prayer request was granted. After weeks and weeks, the medicines that have had the greatest negative effects on my father are finally out of his system. He’s back. His personality, his ready wit, and his kindness were on full display. His mind is no longer foggy. His thoughts are clearing up. For the first time in many weeks, he is beginning to feel like himself!

As we drove home from the hospital this afternoon, I couldn’t stop smiling. With him tucked away in his room, I allowed myself tears of gratitude for his progress. We don’t deserve such goodness. We are unworthy of the miracles that have unfolded for our family. And yet today, he’s back!

I know the journey that we are on will have good days and bad days, and a lot of uncertainty along the way, but after such a long stint of hard days, it is so refreshing to have an amazing one.  So while we may be going through an incredibly difficult time, we do not do it alone, and there is great comfort in that.

I am so thankful to serve a living God. One that bore my sin on the cross and paid the penalty of my iniquities, so that I can come with confidence before the Father with my pleas. He has answered our prayers and we can continue to pray with assurance that He will carry on his good work, for His glory and not our own.

Good night, sweet friends.

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