11-09-18 School


I love that when my kids have downtime and I don’t let them in front of a screen they often entertain themselves by playing school. I was doing the dishes one morning and when I came into the classroom I saw the dry erase board covered in an anatomy lesson.

I’m so proud of how well my kids are adjusting to homeschooling. Over the past several months they have really had to roll with the punches and they have done a great job at it! Big E is really doing well with his phonics lessons and he is starting to read a lot more. C is excelling at math and loves to sit in front of the board and work on equations.

We are studying US history this year and they have been fascinated with the stories of early settlers. We’ve been reading some living history books and the kids are spellbound as I read. They ask a ton of questions and do well at analyzing the stories. They are learning their memory verses and participating in our daily devotions.

Of course we have our challenging moments, but I am so incredibly thankful that God has given us this opportunity for me to be home with them and get to be a part of their education!

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