11-19-18 Science and Pilgrims

When we were looking at homeschooling curriculum back in the summer, it was important to us that we try to find a program that worked for us and for my sister in law’s family. Since we live so close together, we thought it would be a wonderful experience for the kids to have the opportunity to combine school days with their cousins. We bought the same curriculum and set our starting dates.

When my dad got sick and we were spending so much time at the hospital, it was pretty much impossible for us to get together. Now that things have started calming down, we decided to get together for a school day of science experiments and Thanksgiving activities.

I’m so thankful for my sister in law, who pulled all of it together, and lead the exercises so well. We learned about yeast, made some bread, wove placemats, and decorated cupcakes. What a blessing to have them so close by! ❤️❤️

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