12-07-18 Away

When C was about fifteen months old we left her with my parents for her first overnight visit. I was pretty much a wreck as we drove away from their house and by the time we got to the cabin we had reserved, I was missing her terribly. Of course Tim and I laugh about it now, but at the time the first-time-mom in me was heartbroken.

That was the last time we went away just the two of us. It wasn’t because of that incident, but rather life got in the way. Work, kids, school, etc kept us too distracted to try again. The more kids we had, the harder it got logistically to get the time away.

But this weekend we have finally gotten the opportunity. We are spending a few days in Williamsburg, sans children. This evening we went out for a nice sushi dinner and we relished in the chance to spend time with each other. We don’t really have anything on our agenda, just to relax and recharge. This mini vacation is a godsend!

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