12-12-18 Art


Some days school goes great and then there are days where we just can’t get our act together. Today was one of those days. We did great this morning, but couldn’t pull it back together for this afternoon, so we cut our losses and ended our day with some spontaneous painting!

That counts as art class, so yay for homeschooling!

Obviously this would be a much more interesting post with pictures of the actual paintings, but apparently after three years of daily blogging, I have officially used up all my blog photo storage space and I’m too sleepy tonight to work it all out!


Ok, I’m back to uploading pics.

We started off with making pictures for GP and when they were done with that they were free to make as many paintings as they wanted. These are C’s…




Big E painted a flower for GP and ended with an abstract.



This is Baby E’s house… The brown splotch in the bottom right hand corner is the roof. He was very specific about that.


Like C, I opted for a water scene as well. Then I ended with a house, complete with a creepy person in the window. Unlike Baby E, my roof is on top of the house. 😉



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