12-21-18 Prayers

I’m here tonight, but I don’t have much to say. My dad isn’t doing as well as we had hoped. We hit every emotion multiple times a day. And now I’m laying in bed and I want to scream at the ceiling, because life isn’t fair.

And yet God is good. If there’s anything in this horrible cancer journey that I want you to take away it is that God is faithful and he is sovereign- even when life hurts.

I read to my father this evening while holding his hand. We started with a few Psalms and then headed over to the book of John. I got to the fifth chapter before he fell asleep. It was a special time for me.

It looks like tomorrow might be a long hospital day, so I’m going to try and get some rest. Please continue to pray for my dad and for all as we face each day. Thank you!

12-20-18 One Day At A Time

It’s five days until Christmas, but it doesn’t feel like it. It feels distant. Everything feels a little distant. I sat in the hospital this evening, holding my father’s hand, praying with him, and singing to him. Today seemed better than yesterday and the day before. I’m praying tomorrow is even better. ♥️

Thank you for your continued prayers as our family navigates this. Please pray dad gains strength and continues to make progress.

12-19-18 Not much to update

By the time I got back to the shop from visiting my dad at the hospital, Baby E was asleep on the office floor, and C & Big E were out in the shop helping Daddy and racing around on dollies. Literally my childhood playing out in front of me. ♥️

There’s not much of an update on my dad. They still don’t know what’s going on with him, but we are praying for progress and a clear path for his treatment. Thank you so much for your prayers, they still greatly needed.

12-18-18 The Right Place

When we first moved to the new house, we had no premonition we were about to enter one of the most challenging seasons of our lives. We knew the transition wouldn’t be easy, but we never imagined the continual onslaught of difficulty.

That’s not to say that we made the wrong choice. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Both Tim and I know that this is exactly where we are supposed to be.

My father is back in the hospital. We honestly don’t know what is wrong with him and we don’t know how long he will be there as they figure it out. We could really use your prayers as we start this new battle.

When these dark moments come, I remind myself that I’ve seen the tangible answers God has provided over the last few months. Our prayers have not landed on deaf ears, and for that I am grateful.

12-16-18 A Unexpected Day

Even before my eyes opened this morning, I dreaded this day. As I stared at the ceiling, the sky still dark outside, I tried to steady myself against the dawn. After a myriad of tests and scans yesterday, my father was kept overnight to await the results. As my sister and I drove to the hospital today, the sinking, gnawing feeling in my stomach grew stronger. As we arrived and my phone rang, my heart raced. What bad news were we about to hear?

It was my mother calling to inform us that my father was being released. When we got to his room we learned that the tests and scans had come back and they not revealed anything concerning. They want him to follow up with his doctors in the next week or so, but they said he was free to go. All we had to do was wait for the official discharge papers. 

Once again, God answered our prayers in an exciting and tangible way! After digesting the news, smiling, and chatting, we soon fell quiet, each of us feeling the exhaustion of the broken tension. I laid down on the couch in the room and let my body rest as we waited for the nurse. It took a few hours for everything to get straightened out, and then we were sent on our way! Dad couldn’t wait to get home. 

Meanwhile, Tim and the kids had gone to visit my brother in law’s church this morning because the great grandparents were visiting. After church and lunch, they headed to their new destination, a hotel about 20 minutes from the hospital. So as my mom, dad, and sister pulled away, I stayed at the hospital and waited for my family to swing by and pick me up. Then we headed to the hotel the grandparents would be at. We had a lovely visit sharing a meal and catching up with each others’ lives.  

On the drive home I marveled at the way our day turned out. The result was utterly different than I had expected in so many ways. What started out as anxiety in my core, ended with thanksgiving and gratefulness on my lips!

To Christ be all glory! 

Popcorn treat

12-15-18 The Hospital

I spent some time at the hospital today with my dad. They ran some tests and did some scans and we should have some answers tomorrow. My mom is staying with him tonight, so at least he has some company.

Cancer is an awful thing, and its complications and set backs are hard on everyone.

So I’m coming to you again asking for prayers for our dear family. Prayers for peace, strength, healing, and wisdom. Thank you sweet friends!

12-14-18 Prayer Request

Once again, our family could use some prayers. My father was having some issues this evening and we decided it was best to get him to the hospital and get him checked out. I don’t have much more information to share at this point than that, but we are reminded that we serve a mighty God and our prayers to not fall on deaf ears.

Thank you again, dear friends!

12-13-18 Just Like Old Times!

It’s been nearly six months since I left my job and over that time I have missed my coworkers a great deal, especially my closest friend, Gail. I had imagined myself visiting my old office much more frequently, grabbing lunch with people and catching up with their lives. But with my father being ill, it just wasn’t possible. This week I was invited to the office holiday party and I was so excited that I got the chance to go. 

Having worked there for the better part of a decade, it seemed like such a natural fit to slip back into old friendships and conversations, and of course the best part was being with Gail. I love friendships that don’t age and just pick up right where they left off. Granted, we still text each other all the time, but it was great to meet up face to face. I’m so thankful for her friendship. 

All in all the afternoon was wonderful, which was great because it made the three hour drive home bearable! (I may miss the people and the work, but I will NEVER miss the rush hour!)

12-12-18 Art


Some days school goes great and then there are days where we just can’t get our act together. Today was one of those days. We did great this morning, but couldn’t pull it back together for this afternoon, so we cut our losses and ended our day with some spontaneous painting!

That counts as art class, so yay for homeschooling!

Obviously this would be a much more interesting post with pictures of the actual paintings, but apparently after three years of daily blogging, I have officially used up all my blog photo storage space and I’m too sleepy tonight to work it all out!


Ok, I’m back to uploading pics.

We started off with making pictures for GP and when they were done with that they were free to make as many paintings as they wanted. These are C’s…




Big E painted a flower for GP and ended with an abstract.



This is Baby E’s house… The brown splotch in the bottom right hand corner is the roof. He was very specific about that.


Like C, I opted for a water scene as well. Then I ended with a house, complete with a creepy person in the window. Unlike Baby E, my roof is on top of the house. 😉