01-09-19 A Very Unexpected Day

We got a phone call this afternoon that dad was being discharged from the hospital. We figured they would be doing it sometime this week, but no one had discussed it with us. The caseworker called and said that he would be leaving today and that we needed to finalize where he would be going. Weeks ago we had requested a facility near our home, but today they told us there were no empty beds there. The caseworker gave us the name of an alternate place and when I researched it the reviews were atrocious. I almost cried reading the reactions of former patients and families. There was no way we could let him go there. We asked for more options and as she read them off, I googled them. One after another were horrible and far away. Stories of neglect, abuse, malnutrition, etc abounded with each facility. I was heartbroken. There were so many red flags. My father can’t walk right now and needs rehab, but there’s no way we could send him to any of those places. We were met with a rather unsympathetic response from the caseworker and then I asked what it would take to bring him home. She explained that an ambulance could bring him here and then PT and OT would come to the house for appointments. So this evening, they brought dad home.

To be honest, I am both thrilled and nervous to have him here. For his safety and comfort we had hoped to have him stronger before coming home. We do think he will recover faster in a familiar and comfortable place, with family right here. I am looking forward to spending more time with him and I am grateful to not be driving an hour each way to see him.

I am so happy to see that God has continued to answer our prayers. The past month has been difficult, but we have seen God yet again (!) answering our prayers in a tangible way, and today was no different. Tonight we are all under the same roof, as it should be. I am so very thankful!

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