01-15-19 A Simple Mission

My mission was simple… Walk into Home Goods and buy a mug.

I’ve been working at the shop quite a bit lately, and everyday I get there I remember that I don’t have a mug. So when it’s time to have coffee, I find myself drinking it out of a two cup Pyrex measuring glass.

Today I remembered when we were almost there, so we stopped at Home Goods so I could grab one.

The first one I found was a cutesie New York City scene, complete with taxis and skyscrapers. NYC stuff always makes me a little nostalgic, so I carried it around the store until my eyes landed on the quirkiest and oddest mugs I could find.

Back went the NYC mug and I’m now the proud owner of these silly hipster donkey and raccoon mugs. So much better than drinking from Pyrex!

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