01-20-19 Snorta

If you ever come across this game… Buy it!

Years ago I found this game in a random gift shop at a random restaurant. I had never heard of it, but the premise seemed amusing so I bought it.

The rules are pretty simple, each person is assigned a barnyard animal (with an accompanying sound) and handed a deck of cards with various pictures of barnyard animals. You go in a circle and each person turns over one of their cards. If it matches someone else’s card on the table, they have to make the noise that that person’s assigned animal makes. So if I have a cow, and someone else has a donkey and we lay down the same card, we have to rush to make each other’s sounds. It’s a ridiculous game made funnier the more people you have playing and the more sounds you have to keep track of.

As young adults we played this game constantly, but for years it has sat untouched on our game shelf. The other day I decided the kids might be old enough to try it and it was a hit. It’s the kids’ new favorite game and they beg to play it everyday. This afternoon we took some time to play as a family and some hilarious memories were made. 🙂

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