01-26-19 Finally Paint!

Tim has been working long hours lately, at times even going to job sites overnight. He hasn’t been home much for a couple of weeks.

The other day I started hatching a plan to surprise him. We’ve been here in our house for a while now, but because of the roller coaster we’ve been living, we’ve never gotten the chance to paint any walls. I wanted to surprise Tim by buying some paint and starting on a room. I chose our bathroom because it seemed like a smallish project to tackle.

This afternoon my sister and I headed to Lowe’s and got our supplies. We came home and got to work. It took the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening but we finished the accent wall and the doors. I’m hoping to finish the other color tomorrow. Tim was very surprised when he came home and seemed just as excited as me to see it all coming together!

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