02-15-19 The Ditch

Today we found a ditch. We aren’t in the habit of looking for ditches. Nor do we normally play in them when we see them. But sometimes they are just too tempting.

The weather today was amazing. Not ‘early summer’ amazing, but warm enough for a long walk with a light jacket- and when that opportunity arises in February you have to seize it.

So C and Big E grabbed their bikes and Baby E pulled out his balance bike and we started walking. And during our trek, we found the ditch. There was nothing special about it except it had a crevasse that started very narrow and blossomed into a large muddy crack. We took turns jumping over the narrowest section, as we built up our courage to jump far over the muddy abyss.

We wore ourselves out with jumping and yelling. We played tag in a random field and the big kids rode their bikes down bumpy, muddy gravel roads.

By the time we got home we were all dirty and tired, having absolutely earned our warm mugs of hot cocoa.

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