02-17-19 The Globe

I’ve been wanted to get the kids a globe for the classroom and this turned out to be a more challenging request than I expected. Sure, I could go to Target and buy one, but I figured I’d save money and get one used. So I’ve been watching Facebook marketplace for the past several months.

What I didn’t anticipate was that most (nearly all) of the globes people are trying to re-home have the Soviet Union on them. Obviously that isn’t too helpful for us.

But finally one USSR- free globe popped up and I bought it. What’s cool about it is that it is interactive. It has a stylus that you can touch the surface of the globe and it will give you various information about that country. There’s an interactive map of the US too, so the kids can practice their states.

Big E, my hands on learner, took to it immediately and couldn’t wait to show us all the countries he was learning.

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