02-20-19 Snow Fun, A Birthday, and A Bump on the Head

Today was a beautifully busy snow day. When we woke up this morning the ground was carpeted in a thick layer of snow. As the day wore on, the snow got deeper and by this afternoon it was just perfect for playing in. We got the kids dressed and outside. We were pleasantly surprised when we realized it was the perfect snow for building, so we set out at once to build a snowman. And not just any snowman would do, we aimed for the largest one we could manage!

With the success of our snowman under our belts, Tim and C decided to start building an igloo, while me and the boys did some sledding.

It didn’t take too long, though, for Baby E to get worn out. He has been fighting a cold for a couple of days, so him and I cut our losses and headed inside for some hot cocoa. We enjoyed watching the building of the fort from the comfort of our living room.

Shortly after that, things got a little bit dicey. Poor Baby E was running toward the window when he tripped and careened right into the windowsill. Full force impact. My heart dropped as I ran to him. In the two seconds it took me to get to him, the lump on his forehead was already forming. Thankfully we’ve been through enough goose eggs before on the kids, so we knew what to watch for. We got ice on it quickly, and while the below picture looks pretty crazy, the dramatic swelling didn’t last more than an hour. Tim and the kids didn’t get to finish their igloo, but instead they sat on the couch with a recovering Baby E and watched a movie.

After dinner we had a birthday celebration. Today was my mom’s birthday and we surprised her with a cake and presents. I’m so incredibly thankful that we were all here to celebrate. And with the exception of Baby E’s unexpected injury, today was really a very wonderful snow day!

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