02-23-19 Black Eyed Baby E

When Baby E took his tumble into the window sill the other day, obviously the first thing we noticed was the enormous lump that formed on his forehead. Then we noticed that he had a slight bruise on his nose, as if he had bumped his nose as well.

This morning when he walked up to me I noticed the bruising had started to expand and by this evening he looked like he was in an impressive fist fight. His forehead still has the lump, but now his nose and around his eyes are showing the bruising. It seems each day he’s getting a little more purple.

Unfortunately strangers have started making comments about it in public, so hopefully it clears up soon!!

Thankfully it isn’t bothering him at all and he hasn’t complained even once about it, but he sometimes tells me he wishes he didn’t have such a big noggin.

His face this morning.

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