03-01-19 A Date with a Side of Math

Back when I worked at the University, years ago actually, I signed my kids up with the Infant and Children’s Studies program to volunteer for on campus research studies. C did a couple of them when she was little, but since I worked full time, I usually had to turn them down when they called about a study for the kids. Three weeks ago they called again and said that Big E was the right age for one of their studies and asked if I would be interested in bringing him in. I thought it might be a fun experience for him so I readily agreed.

Today was the day. We got up early and headed over. We grabbed lunch with a few of my on campus friends and then headed in for the study.

I must not have really been paying attention when the girl first called me because when we got there, I learned that I was part of the study too. Big E and I both did some activities in separate rooms and then spent some time playing together while being observed with a camera.

When we were done, Big E got to pick out a toy. As we walked to the car we shared notes on what happened in our sessions.

For the first session we were both shown three pictures and were told to describe them as if the person we were talking to couldn’t see them.

After that we were given an image, for instance a picture of a blue star. Then we were shown three more images and we had to choose which of those resembled our original image best.

Then we had our play time together.

Finally, we were both given a series of math problems. Friends, there’s a reason I went into the entertainment industry… If it isn’t simple math, I can’t do it! The questions started off pretty easy, giving me a false sense of security, but after about ten of them, they started laying on the really hard ones and I was lost. Apparently Big E met with some tough math, too, but we shook it off and headed home.

Big E really loved the experience and he can’t wait to do it again. I enjoyed my wonderful day with my very sweet boy. It isn’t often that I get one on one time with them, and I know we both soaked it up!

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