03-06-19 Running

I dreaded going down to the treadmill this evening. I’ve been pretty faithful to get on it nearly every night now that I’ve started back up again, but tonight I really didn’t want to. I procrastinated for awhile, but eventually I grabbed my shoes and my water and headed down.

Usually I keep an eye on the display, racing against my previous time. I was thrilled the other day when I did my 3.1 miles in 26:59- a personal best. But that run kicked me and tonight I decided to cover up the display and follow the music in my ear buds. If the music was slow, I walked and if the beat picked up, so did my pace.

I was surprised that at the point I felt like I would normally be dragging, I actually got a second wind. My legs didn’t hurt and my breathing was pretty steady, so I just kept going. When I glanced at the clock I knew I had been on for awhile so I checked the display.

Six miles in 63:43!!

I’m pretty excited about that. 🙂

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