03-18-19 A Day Made For Adventure

Today all three of the kids were scheduled to do some studies at the University. Big E was slated to do two and both C and Baby E were set for one each. The kids were very excited this morning when I told them what we were doing and they eagerly helped me pack their lunches and got into the van.

I figured the big kids would do just fine with it, but Baby E has never been one for strangers to I imagined that he was going to be a challenge. However he learned that after he finished his study, he would get to pick a prize to bring home.

When we got there, C got to go first. When she was done, Big E did his two studies, and then Baby E went right with the researcher without hesitation. I was shocked. He didn’t once ask for me. I stood outside the door and listened as he followed all the instructions.

When the kids were done they got to pick their prize.

We got finished much sooner than we expected, so when we headed out we decided to drop by the waterfall. This time we went into the visitor’s center. Years and years ago I was working with a company that had been contracted to do videos for this particular national park. I was curious to see if the videos were still playing after all this time. Sure enough when we walked it, I started to notice things that were familiar. What’s crazy is that so much time has passed that it took me a little while to recognize that these were actually videos that I had edited. After we left the building I told the kids that I had done the editing for some of the videos in the visitor’s center and they thought it was the coolest thing ever. (Meanwhile, it’s moments like these that make me realize how far I have come in my editing! Ha!)

After that detour, we made our way down to see the waterfall. We all agreed that the water seemed a bit higher than the last time we were there, and then we started to wander a path that lead upriver.

When we finally got home this evening we were all very exhausted. As I put the kids to bed, I reminded Big E that tonight was the last time I would be hugging my six year old. Tomorrow he will be seven. It happens too fast, my friends. It happens way too fast.

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