04-03-19 Confessions of a Reluctant Soccer Mom

If you know me at all, you probably know that I am not a fan of organized sports. I hold no allegiance to any professional, semi-pro, or college teams of any sport. It’s never been my thing. The closest I ever got to participating in sports growing up was middle school gym class, playing tennis in the center of the street outside my house, and a short stint with fencing in my late teens.

When my sister in law asked me about a homeschool soccer group at a local park, my knee jerk reaction was to say no… Because I don’t like sports.

But then I thought, just because I don’t like them, it doesn’t mean my children will feel the same way. And even if they don’t end up loving soccer, I know they’ll be ecstatic about spending more time with their cousins. So I called and signed my kids up for eight weeks of soccer fun that starts this Friday.

Today I went out and picked up what I understand the soccer essentials to be. (I’m seriously out of my element here.) They should be well prepared.

So I’m tipping my hat to all the other reluctant soccer moms out there, in over their heads, clinging to their minivans, wondering what led them down this grass stained road. You’re not alone. 😉

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