04-07-19 Be Your Mythical Best

I love being a stay at home mom. Getting the opportunity to home school our kids is my dream job and I would not be able to do that without the hard work and sacrifice of my husband. He’s a good man, who works hard, and lives his life with integrity. He’s a follow of Christ, my best friend, and an amazing father.

I decided a few weeks ago to surprise him with something spontaneous, so I bought tickets for us to go and see Rhett and Link live in concert. They are his favorite YouTubers and he introduced me (and eventually the kids) to their fun videos years ago.

He was very surprised and excited and the past few weeks we have been looking forward to this evening. I wish I wasn’t so tired, so I could do this evening justice, but we really did have a wonderful time and we are already trying to think up other unusual dates for us to try!

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