04-13-19 The Six Mile Wandering

I sat at my computer most of today unable to edit. The creative juices weren’t coming. I just sat there like a lump, getting more and more frustrated that my day was wasting away and I had nothing to show for it. At the peak of my disappointment I walked away. Nothing more would get accomplished with my attitude in a funk.

After dinner I asked the big kids if they wanted to go on a bike ride. We decided it would be fun to see if we could go five miles. We did our normal route, but we weren’t even close to the five mile mark, so we wandered far from home, going up and down big hills. We took new roads and found our way to a well traveled bike and jogging path. The kids were in awe that we were so far from home. By the time we all made it back, we had gone more than six miles and our legs felt like jelly.

By bedtime they were exhausted, and I had biked away my funk and actually got some editing done!

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