04-30-19 The Chronicles of Fuzzy Shadow (The End)

I regret to inform you that our great caterpillar experiment of 2019 has come to an untimely end. Our dear caterpillar friend Shadow died sometime this afternoon.

I’m not sure if he was already ill when we found him in the garage, or if Big E did internal damage when he stepped on him (externally he looked fine), or if I’m just really bad at keeping bugs alive, but he never adapted to his new surroundings. He laid on his back most of the time and wiggled his little legs.

This morning I made an executive decision to take him back outside. I kept an eye on him throughout the day, but by this evening he was dead.

The kids haven’t asked about him, and I haven’t brought it up. Oddly enough, I think I was the most attached.

It’s ok. I’ve got my eyes open for the next inhabitant of out bug hotel. Perhaps we’ll have better luck!

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