04-19-19 Prairie Fires

We started through the Little House series sometime in December. I was really shocked at how quickly my kids devoured the stories, asking me to read each night and during schooltime.

Earlier this week we finished our last Little House book and my children experienced something I’ve lived through countless times… At the end of the last page they legitimately got sad. The story was over. No more Little House adventures. Big E took it the hardest saying he wasn’t ready to be finished with Laura’s life.

It’s hard for me to say which was my favorite, but if I had to choose, I think I’d pick Little Town on the Prairie. C liked Farmer Boy best, and even picked it up to read to herself. Big E liked Little House on the Prairie the best and poor Baby E is still trying to work out which character is which and had no idea which book we were reading at any given time.

Since finishing, we have gotten back on track with our curriculum reading and we started Mountain Born by Elizabeth Yates. I’ve read a few of her books so far and I have been very impressed. So far the kids are loving this one.

As for me, I borrowed a book from the library called Prairie Fires. It’s a comprehensive biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder, and while I am not a huge fan of nonfiction, I thought I’d give it a try. Sixty pages in I have learned a great deal about her family history, and the climate of the country during the early Western expansion. It would be way over the kids’ heads but I am enjoying it.

04-17-19 The Very Special Birthday

Today was the birthday they promised wouldn’t come as they waved their hands dismissively and told us to call hospice because my father was as good as dead.

As I stared at my dad laying in the hospital bed, the evidence before me drew that same conclusion… And yet… God.

Deep in my core it didn’t feel right. It didn’t make sense.

Cancer wasn’t killing my father. Starvation and dehydration were.

In 2018, outside the most powerful city in the world, in one of the best hospitals in the area, my father was starving to death. Why? Because he had cancer, so very little effort was put into saving his life.

And so we fought. We pushed back. We questioned everything. We forced reluctant hands into action.

But most importantly we got on our knees and we prayed. We prayed to a God that was good, no matter the outcome- to a God who was working things out for our good, even if it hurt- and to a God that redeemed us with the death of his son and continues to perfect our faith through life’s challenges and trials.

Honestly, there were moments when we seriously didn’t think Dad would be here to celebrate this day, his birthday, and yet here he is… Defying the doctors… And proving that we serve a God that is greater than the odds and a God that still performs miracles for His own glory, and for that we are truly thankful.

So happy birthday, Dad. You are our living, breathing miracle and a testament to the goodness of our Father in heaven. We are so thankful to celebrate another milestone, another year with you! We love you!

Happy Birthday! 💗💗

04-16-19 Cooking

When I got out of bed this morning, I almost immediately fell over. Ugh. Another vertigo day. My vertigo days don’t happen often (maybe 3-4 times a year) but when they hit I’m pretty much useless until they pass.

Thankfully my sister and Mom took the kids so that I could crawl right back into bed. Which I did after taking a dose of Dramamine.

When I woke up, everyone was gone and thankfully so was my vertigo. I ate and went back to bed to get over the Dramamine hangover.

When I woke up I was still alone. Scrolling through Facebook a friend of mine posted a recipe she made and it looked amazing. Suddenly I was in the mood to cook. I looked up a few more recipes, printed four of them and headed to the store.

With the aid of a cup of coffee, when I got home I started making ALL four meals. I figured we could graze on them all tonight and then have leftovers and I wouldn’t have to cook again for a few days. It only took about an hour and a half and by the time I got finished everyone was home. It was a feast! A cornucopia of deliciousness!

We had…
Coconut Chicken
Sweet Potato and Chicken Curry
Mushroom Tacos
Chili Lentil Tacos

To my surprise, every meal turned out well and the family loved it! We feasted and still had a ton of leftovers, so my plan worked- no more cooking for a few days! Yay!

I’m so thankful today wasn’t a total flop. Here’s to hoping tomorrow morning the walls stand still!

04-15-19 A Good Day for a Party

Birthday parties with the ‘neighbor’ cousins are always a wonderful celebration. Our nephew is turning six this week and we were invited over to play with the cousins and share in the awesome Thor cake my sister in law made. Apart from the time spent eating, the kids ran nonstop the entire time we were there.

04-13-19 The Six Mile Wandering

I sat at my computer most of today unable to edit. The creative juices weren’t coming. I just sat there like a lump, getting more and more frustrated that my day was wasting away and I had nothing to show for it. At the peak of my disappointment I walked away. Nothing more would get accomplished with my attitude in a funk.

After dinner I asked the big kids if they wanted to go on a bike ride. We decided it would be fun to see if we could go five miles. We did our normal route, but we weren’t even close to the five mile mark, so we wandered far from home, going up and down big hills. We took new roads and found our way to a well traveled bike and jogging path. The kids were in awe that we were so far from home. By the time we all made it back, we had gone more than six miles and our legs felt like jelly.

By bedtime they were exhausted, and I had biked away my funk and actually got some editing done!

04-12-19 Diary of a Reluctant Soccer Mom (Part I)

Soccer season was supposed to start last Friday, but it rained that day and soccer got cancelled. Even though the sky threatened showers all day today, the rain held off and soccer was a go.

My kids held it together really well during the instruction time, but during warm ups things started to unravel and anxieties started to flare. And even though we had our dicey moments, I’m calling today an unqualified success. I had at least one child actively participating at any given moment and by the time we were driving home this afternoon, they all talked about how much they enjoyed it.

So we will go next week and try again. I think each week will get a little easier on them. And if it doesn’t, we’ll survive. There’s only six weeks left. 🙂