05-13-19 My Favorite Ballerina

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked if I’m ok recently. The truth is I really am, I just don’t seem like it. Last week my allergies got so bad, the worst I’ve ever experienced, that my doctor put me on a steroid treatment to bring it under control. Thankfully the medicine seems to be working very well in controlling my symptoms, but it’s unpleasant side effect is that it makes me a little foggy and feel a little sad. I’m only on it for a few more days, so I’m happy about that. In the meantime, I’m being patient with myself. I’m just so thankful I can breathe again!


I was looking through old pictures this evening and one of my all time favorite pics of C came up. It was from years ago when she was taking ballet classes at the same studio Tim had practically grown up in. I love that connection those two share and I still think she’s the cutest ballerina I’ve ever seen!

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