05-24-19 Cousin Adventures

Once again our adventures led us to water. We had recently been told about a nearby park that used to be a golf course. The golf course has long been closed and the property is now owned by a university. They maintain the paved trails that remain from the golf days, and the trails meander through the countryside and down by the river.This morning we met with the cousins and explored. We found an offshoot path that took us right to the river and up a small creek. The kids spent time wading through the water and playing around the tiny waterfalls that made up the stream. The water was cold and refreshing against the heat of the day. We saw a lot of butterflies, a snake, and pretty flowers.When they were done playing we went back to the cars and headed to the park for soccer practice. We had a picnic lunch before practice. C got to be the goalie again this week and even blocked the other team from scoring a goal. Both the big kids loved practice.From there we came home and kids played with the neighbors and then spent the evening with church friends, so they had close to twelve hours of activity today.With any luck that means we should get to sleep in tomorrow!

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