06-25-19 A Quiet Corner

I have spent the past few days editing a project that came in last week. One of the things that I quickly realized is that editing during the day with children in the house is nearly impossible. I’ve kicked them outside for much of the time, but when they are in the house they interrupt me every several minutes for a drink, a snack, or to referee a sibling fight. It doesn’t help that my computer is set up in the classroom, so it’s easy access to mommy even when there are other adults around.

So this evening I started looking at Facebook Marketplace for another desk, and I found one that we could pick up this evening. Tim brought it home and carried it up to our room. Then we hooked up the computer and hauled up the chair and now I am set up in my own quiet corner of our room.

It’s not that I don’t think my kids won’t find me here- but at least it should cut down on the distractions!

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