07-03-19 The Pie

Yesterday evening the kids wanted something to do. I recommended that we all go into the back yard and harvest all the wild raspberries (also known as wineberries) that we could before the birds got them. We had noticed the bushes last summer, but they hadn’t produced very many berries. This year there was no disappointment. We spent the better part of an hour picking berries. Amazingly, more made it into the containers than into my kid’s mouths and when we were finished we had managed to collect a quart of berries. I looked online for a pie recipe and this morning my mom baked one for us. When it was finished it sat on the counter where I stared at it longingly whenever I walked by. We had it for dessert this evening and it was delicious!!

We can’t wait to go berry picking again. Next time we will make jam!

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