07-09-19 An Odd Color

When C was a baby, Tim brought her to work one day to visit me and while she was there, the professional photographer in the office did a photoshoot with her. She wasn’t much over a year old at the time. After the photoshoot, the photographer came in and told me that when he was first looking at the photos, he thought there was something wrong with the camera because C looked yellowish, but when he compared her to me and Tim he realized that was just her coloring.

We had noticed a few weeks before then that she was looking yellow. I had planned to ask the doctor about it at her one year appointment, but when he walked into the exam room he took one look at her and said, “I see you like your vegetables!” Puzzled, I asked him how he knew that and he responded, “She’s yellow.”

Apparently when babies eat a lot of vegetables it can change the tone of their skin. At the time, C’s absolute favorite food was squash and she ate it all the time: hence her yellow coloring. Over the following year as her diet expanded the yellow began to fade. But every once in awhile I will come across a photo of her ‘yellow’ phase and it makes me smile.

Nope it’s not the camera… it’s just my kid.

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