07-24-19 Two Tattles Each

My kids have been at each others’ throats lately, which I know is totally normal sibling behavior, but it’s driving me crazy. I can’t get through 15 minutes without one of them coming to tattle on the others.

Last night we had a long talk and I came up with a plan. Each child is allowed two tattles a day. That way they have the opportunity to air their grievances if necessary, but they are forced to stop and ask themselves if it is something worth arguing about. Do they really want to waste a tattle on something trivial, or do they want to hold onto it to use it for a true injustice.

We started implementing the plan this morning and it really worked wonders. Every time one of them came up to me to complain about someone else I asked them if they were about to use one of their tattles. I told them it was fine if they did, but that they only had two all together.

I was pleasantly surprised how many times they stopped and thought about what they were going to say. Most of the time they smiled and turned around and walked out of the room. A couple of times they decided to use their tattle, which was fine with me.

Do you know what happened? They got along ALL DAY LONG. It was beautiful. There was far less bickering and much more playing, which meant all of us were so much happier!

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