07-27-19 Hallucinations

Have you ever been so tired that you’ve started seeing things? It’s never happened to me before until last night.

From 4pm Thursday afternoon until 4 am this morning (Saturday) was a span of 36 hours. Of those 36 hours, I spent about 30 of them at the shop. From Thursday night into Friday, I only got three hours of sleep.

After dinner last night I kept doing double takes because I thought I saw things out of the corners of my eyes- things that shouldn’t be there… A rat. A kid. A puppy. At one point I clearly saw the panel in front off me start to tip over, so I reached out to grab it only to realize it had never moved. Later I was sitting in a chair and even though I wasn’t moving, I was convinced I was falling out of it. I knew logically it was my mind playing tricks on me, but it was such an unnerving sensation.

I was in no state to drive, so I was thankful that my sister wasn’t nearly as tired. We got home close to 5am and after clumsily navigating the staircase I collapsed into bed and straight to sleep. Needless to say, today was pretty much a bust. Hopefully a full night’s sleep will do the trick!

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